Thank you for the support:

I would like to thank some people for their support on my first book. My husband Matthew of course dealing with my loud typing and ignoring him some nights along with the long process of editing and publishing. I would like to thank my father Kim and step mother Bridget for believing in me and telling me that this is a great life accomplishment. Also, I would like to thank my mother Trish for always being there for me and being super excited when she knew my book was finally coming out. I would like to thank my sister Bridgette and brother Robbie for detailing with me and my quirks. My step-son Mason, he’s the reason why I want to do great things in life. My co-workers of course for listening to me going on and on about all the books I want to write. (Sorry it’s probably not going to stop) Last but certainly not least the following: Felicia, Megan, Heather, Andrea, and Ryan for buying the first few copies when this book came out this week. Everyone’s love and support is greatly appreciated as I continue this life long journey. I am so blessed to have you all in my life.